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Effortless Project Management - Stay on Top, Enhance Collaboration, Productivity and Manage Everyday Business activity like never before.

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Tracking your time not been easy? Are you able to Invoice your client
for all the billable hours worked?

Thousands of Businesses use Orangescrum, The Project Management and Collaboration App - helping organizations to centralize Projects, Collaborate resources on assignments or tasks, Time Logging, generating Invoices, building Project Reports, view real-time Analytics and more. Collaborate with your team and manage your projects, effortlessly.

Tired of using Multiple Apps for Managing Projects?

Effortless task management, automated time tracking, invoicing and reports - Orangescrum does it All for you!

Struggling to Manage your Team, Clients and Customers using Emails & Spreadsheets?

Manage customers, teams, stakeholders, vendors and partners - All at one place!

Is each of your Resources fully Utilized?

Tailor made views with accurate resource management info to help you plan, manage and track resource utilization.

Struggling to monitor who's Doing What and Where They Are?

Be at the driver's seat always with Orangescrum's innovative Kanban view coupled with project analytics and quick email notifications.

Having Hard Time to get Daily Updates from Remote and Distributed Teams?

Schedule "Daily Catch-up" email alerts from your teams, projects at Any place, Any device - Same time! Every time!

Did you know how to Turn your Hours into Dollars?

Build trust and gain your customers' confidence like never before with Orangescrum's accurate time tracking and transparent invoicing.

Great Project Elements with Amazing User Interface

Single pane of view keeps YOU and your Sponsors, Stakeholders, Customers and teams on the same page - Be Smart, Communicate smarter - Anytime, Anywhere - Orangescrum!

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Top Menu Panel


Left Menu Panel


Quick Project Overview


Resource Utilization


Project Activity


Task Status Graph


Design and Features that lets you handle your project effectively while collaborating with your team and client.

No more project management through Emails. Use Orangescrum to take a smarter approach. Share ideas, manage projects, share files, analyze tasks, team collaboration and more. Manage Painlessly.

  • picture Stay on top with daily catch-up emails; Keep your team on their toes by reminding them by automatic emails to send daily updates before leaving for the day.
  • picture Resource planning and track progress with the scrum board, see what's in progress, who's doing what, what's been accomplished and what needs to be done next.
  • picture Work with remote team and respond on the go, you do not have to sit all the time in front of your computer to collaborate with your team.

Orangescrum is for everyone.

We have built Orangescrum simple to the core. This makes it easy to use and powerful enough at the same time to manage your tasks, to-do’s and team. Doesn’t matter what you do or where you are.

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Access Your Google Drive & DropBox within Orangescrum.

Orangescrum is as diverse and flexible as you are. Get more out of Orangescrum with some of the most wonderful third party apps.

  • Share documents from your DropBox Account with ease.
  • Sync and integrate with Gmail. To get all the updates for a project right in your Inbox.

  • Share images and files using Google Drive Account within Orangescrum.
  • Integrated Cloud Storage Apps.
  • Every time we try to bring in smart apps that integrates with Orangescrum to make job easier for you.

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Experience Awesome Features

Orangescrum is built after stringent research and shared user experiences, keeping in mind what users require in order
to overcome the pain point in managing a project and collaborating with their crew.

Easy User Interface

We always move with time, so we have given a facelift to Orangescrum - built on Google Material design platform.

Efficient Task Management

Create tasks, connect with your team and manage projects with real-time information/data sharing.

Collaborate Real-time

Work together, share information within a group or private to an individual. Share documents and more.

Kanban Boards

Get a bird's eye-view on what is to be done, being done and already done at the same time without deep-diving.

Timelog & Invoice Management

Track or log time, spent hours calculated automatically and generate invoices without any hassle.

Reports & Analytics

Get in-depth information about your team's progress with various types of graphical representations.

Friendly Helpdesk

No matter wherever you're, our awesome support team are always around to help you at critical points.

Orangescrum Knowledge House

A smart blog on project management. Get all the latest Orangescrum news, tips, how-to’s and more. Catch free instructor courses on managing projects better. Flocks of news & announcements about Orangescrum.

Orangescrum is with you everywhere

Equipped to be used in various platforms and devices. Scale up and Excel.

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The right choice for smart people to get things done effortlessly. Manage your projects with swiftness like never before.

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